At Techniqually we provide System Integration services including Analytics, CRM, Billing, Marketing automation, Data Processing, Content management, Inbound Marketing, SEO, Social Media Marketing, Online Advertising, Customer Portal & Apps development.


We help brands and apps plan, code and deploy measurement frameworks in order to increase conversion rates and maximize business goals.


We help brands engage with their customer base by implementing and managing CRM, with billing solutions that gives you a complete view of your customers - from lead to payment to customer service.


We help your brand engage & entice your customers through social media platforms and content marketing initiatives.


Improve Your Google Rankings With Techniqually. Whether you’re an individual establishing your personal brand online or an e-commerce company, the key to your online success is attracting web traffic to your site.


Our marketing automation services can enable you ideate, design, plan and execute campaigns on an end-to-basis. At Techniqually, we have the expertise to manage multicountry-multilanguage responsive dynamic marketing automation programs using some of the well known platforms.


To manage incoming data, Techniqually will develop, and support data processing models and workflows for your brand. The steps will include data dedup, validation, filtering, mapping, merging and managing big databases.

Our Skills

We are a very experienced team with many certifications in Project management, Html development, .Net/PHP programmers, Email Specialists, Data Professional, Campaign Manages, QA professionals etc.

Understanding of marketing

We are pros in Marketing automation and will take ownership of business outcomes, drive marketing performance and deliver compelling customer/prospect experience journeys. We have the understanding of the industry/ geography as well as able bring the ability to visualize and translate marketing campaign conceptual ideas into technical execution.

Process and workflows

Marketing automation is all about Process and workflows. We are able to define the requirements for executing (developing, deploying, managing, tracking and measuring) the automated campaigns. We are also champions in owning the workflows and SLAs for complex processes such as lead qualification, lead routing, lead assignment, drip campaigns and trigger-based workflows.

Know the Tools of the Trade

Today’s marketing automation experts don’t just need to master email and automation platforms. We have command of the tools that integrate with those platforms, including:
  • Ecommerce platforms
  • Lead-gen tools
  • Analytics and tag-management solutions
  • Data enrichment services
  • Content management tools